Vegan BJD?

Hello, I would like to take up the topic here because it concerns me also something. Although I am only a vegetarian, I am sometimes in conflict with myself as far as the implementation of ideas is concerned. 
Yes, I use animal hair for my doll's wigs, but I buy the hair directly from a farm here in Germany, but definitely no animals must die for it! The little creature who donated his hair is still jumping around the pasture, although quite naked after the shear...sorry
But the use of animal hair can not be avoided, since it is very fine and no artificial hair has these characteristics. especially for small dolls like mine ..
 Since I spun fibers even on the spinning wheel, I have already tested plant fibers, unfortunately with moderate success. Plant fibers are either too fine / linty or too rough / hard. Unfortunately there is no really ecologically acceptable alternative for fine alpaca or mohair. 
I tested soyfibers and was not enthusiastic, they are very unstable in wet condition. Bamboo and ramie are produced in strongly environmental-damaging processes, no alternative for me, because that would replace one evil with another.
And apart from human, plastic is, after all, the worst enemy of nature
I am not a big friend of plastic and it also includes artificial hair. For tall dolls like SD/SD17 it is very nice, but it is not lovely for small/tiny dolls.
Another Point: Since I make porcelain dolls, it is required to lay out the joints to protect them from abrasion, which has so far been done with thin leather. Fabric is not durable enough, because the porcelain is slightly rough. A kind of artificial suede might be possible, but I have not yet found a suitable, which meets the requirements. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to comment below. (in german or english)