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Eclipse 20.03.2015

Leider war es total schwierig mit einer Digitalkamera und Sonnenfilterfolie zu fotografieren, der Prozessor in der Kamera hatte da einige Schwierigkeiten.
Simultan habe ich noch analoge Aufnahmen gemacht, aber da muss ich mich überraschen lassen.

Unten noch ein paar Aufnahmen leider von schlechter Qualität, sorry. 
Es war auf jeden Fall ein tolles Erlebnis.

Unfortunately, itwas reallydifficult to photographwith a digital cameraandsunscreenfilm, the processorin the cameraashadsome difficulties. Simultaneousanalog recordingsI havemade, butI have toletamaze me.
Below are a fewstillshotsunfortunatelyof poor quality, sorry.Itwas a great experiencefor sure.


Here is thelatestBruI havecompleted.Theonly commercialAntiquedollmold,I reallylikes.

I continue to workon theDoll armor, Yay I have afastening optionfound!

In addition,I buildagainsomething small,a dollhouse1/24.At myhouse 1/12 I have alsodone somethingagain, nowI have to set wallpapers!

Iam planningaPhotoBackdropfor mydolls... thisisreallybig Scale 1/5!My Gosh,the lack of space...
I have toittofold construct ;-)

Armor problems

Hi dollfriends,
thearmor piecesare finishedunprocessed.
Whatnowseriouslybusyme isthe manner of attachmentof the parts!
(Well, thecharacter designerneednot worryabout it.^__^)
The parts must bemovableone above the otherfixed... at the momentI haveno planfor ityet.
Neitheringame/movie scenes oron variousimageswhich isnotvisible.
Ihope Iwillstilllightup whenanalyzing forlongenough aboutthe problem. (OrI askTetsuyaNomura-sama?!)

Second try

TodayI made asecond attemptwith the armorand the size isfine now, I think.A fewscratches, sanding andcolor...and the second side.
MyKeihad to serveas a modelfor matching ^_^


I am concerned withthe questionwhetheracollectorwould buyabebidollinResin?
Iwas already planningsomething like thisa fewyears ago.
Thenumber of pieceswould belimited andtheprice according to thequantitylower than in aporcelainsinglepiece.
Whatdo you think about?

Details, details, details...

Today I've been looking all dayfor high-resolutionreference imagesfor mycosplay-doll. Here,variousdetailsof clothes andarmorstruck me!
This isverydifficultthese detailsat a scaleclose to 1: 5to reproduceT_T.
Thearmor piecesare e.g.heavily scratchedandthe leather jacket hassome scratches on and the seamlines are visible. The armorsurfaceisrough.
So far I havenoideawhat kind of materialI use forthearmor pieces. I needsometestingonly.

Thefasteningof thearmor piecesI found very interesting.
Thearmor piecesarequite bulkyinproportion to the head. 
Ihad madea fewtestitems,butturn out to betoo small =.=

I'll probablyhave to make compromiseswhen it comes tothe implementation of thedetailsat the scale. (sigh)

Planned - Final Fantasy VII Cosplay doll

Hello dollfriends,
working on my next project. planned it was 5 years ago (a cosplay doll), now I want to finally realize it. My idea-book is full with planned dolls and I need at least 3 clones or 8 arms. XD

ADollCosplayis quitechallenging becausetheymust be verysimilar to theoriginalcharacter.However, I amverybad atcopying andthen thecharacter of myvisionwill correspond. ;-)
Thesewtheclothes areawfuland I aregoing tohave buckles, scalemanufacture ourselves.

The first doll parts are cast and fired... Imyself amcurious how"he"in the endwill be.
CurrentlyI'm experimenting withthe right skincolor.
Iamcritical to mydolls andsometimesI am looking forweeks aftermatching fabrics, hair or accessories.

Ich arbeite  an meinemnächsten Projekt. geplantwar es schonvor 5 Jahren(eine Cosplay doll), jetzt will ich esendlichrealisieren.Mein Ideen-Buch ist vollmitgeplantenPuppen undich brauchemindestens 3Kloneoder 8Arme.XD
Eine Cosplay doll ist ziemlich anspruchsvoll, da sie dem o…