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Bad luck, broken parts & "spots" problems

Hi my friends,
TheworkmoldsformymaleBJD're done. The firstcastingandbiscuit firingwent smoothly. Becauseusually when thefinalovercastingof the parts, especiallythehands, whichalwaysgoes tobreak, I've firedalreadymoreparts. Unfortunately, alower legandtwohands arelost, bad luck. >_< I hopeall goes wellat thefinal firing...

SinceI have someolderSeeleyPorcelain slip, itcame out on topto "spots"on the faces. Smallinclusionsofporcelainlumps.Thesearealreadyclearly visiblein thebisque firing.
This time I haveto filtertheporcelainslip2 times: 1xthrough a clothandthenthrough a strainer.The"spots"problem seemsthereby tobefixed.But Iawait with interestfromthefinal firing.

Die Arbeitsformen für meine männliche BJD sind fertig. Der erste Guss und Schrühbrand verlief reibungslos. Da meist beim endgültigen Versäubern der Teile ,insbesondere der Hände, immer was zu Bruch geht, habe ich schon mehr Teile gebrannt. Leider sind ein Unterschenkel und zwei Hände verloren, Pec…

A beautiful surprise in Berlin for me

Hi Friends,
the last week I was in my old hometown Berlin without any idea what to do, just for see and relax.
When Itheroadswander throughI sawan advertising signfor the54thGerman-AmericanVolksfest. Ok, Ithought, that'sbe great. Said and done, the next day Iwent there andwhat to expectfora great surprisethere!!A very famousAmerican Nativemusicbandwith a greatshow,Clan /destine.
Incredibly, ifsomeone told me17 years agothat I "Crazy Horse" (which was the first songI had heardofthis band in 1997) Clan/destinewould seeoncelive, I would not have believedit. 

I haveonce againlearned something: Sometimes you have to waitlong, but life alwayskeepspositive surpriseswhen youleast expect it.
It gives mehope againforsomething positivein my life.

Unfortunately,not evenhada decentcameratakenalong on the trip, somy phonehadanylasting, beautiful memorieshold.
In this way: thank you, Clan/destine, for the great music, lyrics, positive energy and wonderful show!