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French Bru

Hi my Dollfriends,
I saygoodbyetofacebookand hello toblogger!
I want tore-blog, Facebookis nice,but I disagree the new terms of use.
I willpostupdatesin the futurealways here andmerely linkon FB.

Perhapswondersofone or the otherabout the photosofBrudolls.No I'm notbecomeantiquereproducers;-).
But ... Ilove thisBruMold.I do notimaginethese littledollsagoafter strictreproductionedition.Myrespect forallantiquereproartists,but the type ofpainting thestricteyebrowsandeyelashesunnaturallystraightisnot my thing.(Either way,difficultto reproduce exactlyas with theolddolls). So I havetaken the libertyto introducemy own style.
FoundI have, however, that theplaster moldis very poor,with thickseemlines.
Themy owndollmolds aremuch more preciseand better.Ihad justthoughtin commercialMoldsqualitywould be muchbetter ....Well,have learned something new.
But do not worry, of course I make my ownball jointdollson,that'sfinallymy"children", as my heart and soul's inside.

A new projectI'…

2014 Anniversary

2014was actuallyan anniversary year!
10 yearsBebidolls!!!
In 2004 Ibeganseriouslyto makedolls.
Howtime flies!

Iwish you alla Merry Christmasand a Happy NewYear!