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Happy Holidays!!


Hanzo & Klaus almost finished


Almost finished and a few news

Klaus almost finished, Hanzo is still waiting for his Kimono...
Currently I have a health crisis and everything is far too slow for me ... When I look back at the year I am still quite satisfied, even if I have to take many unfinished projects with the New Year.
I really hope my health improves a bit in the new year...


Hello, here a few updates of my actual dolls.

Vegan BJD?

Hello, I would like to take up the topic here because it concerns me also something. Although I am only a vegetarian, I am sometimes in conflict with myself as far as the implementation of ideas is concerned. Yes, I use animal hair for my doll's wigs, but I buy the hair directly from a farm here in Germany, but definitely no animals must die for it! The little creature who donated his hair is still jumping around the pasture, although quite naked after the shear...sorry But the use of animal hair can not be avoided, since it is very fine and no artificial hair has these characteristics. especially for small dolls like mine .. Since I spun fibers even on the spinning wheel, I have already tested plant fibers, unfortunately with moderate success. Plant fibers are either too fine / linty or too rough / hard. Unfortunately there is no really ecologically acceptable alternative for fine alpaca or mohair.  I tested soyfibers and was not enthusiastic, they are very unstable in wet conditi…

Reworks and news

Currently, I am reworking on the Boy Body for more agility and a new head will also be available. Some of the half-done dolls are waiting for the last painting and the last Kilnsession. Many projects in a "work in progress" state... So please stay tuned^.^

You know

what is a creative blockade? Its horrible...=_= for every creative people.
Chronic health problems make me depressed and I can not get up.Often I stand at my work table and stare at my unfinished projects and all that unfinised stuff makes me more depressed. T_T
No matter at the moment I have at least a new-old idea, a custom project, which I have long planned and want to tackle now.I hope I have enough energy for finish it.^ ^ More pictures coming soon.

New Wig

for Taeyang Dolls, a beautiful navy-blue and a cute curly blonde wig.


had to fall this beautiful tree? A  Japanese cherry tree (Yaezakura).There is no other tree of this kind in the area.Beautiful flowers first white, then blushing. 

Perhaps it was premonition that he has blossomed so wonderfully this year and I had luckily on several days the possibility to photograph this beauty.A beauty that is now lost forever, like so much that is thoughtlessly destroyed by ignorance.
Therefore, I have decided to design my site differently in order to immortalize the beautiful blossoms.
I hope you will like it too.

Making Resin

Horns for Taeyang. The background are my half finished DollRoombox, actually working on the floor and the door side.


weather yesterday and no wind, so i was able to make a few shots of my OOAK Morpheus^^

and Taeyang Hades ^^
and a bonus pic with little Leon...(aaww...he is so cuuuuute!)

Too cute ...

to be cool?! "Hades", my newest Taeyang Custom^^.

I decided! Because I can never sell my original dolls, I offer a "made to order" mode.
A "Made to order" doll is similar to the original.Since I craft everything myself, there can be no 100% match, but at least a 95% similarity^^.I work as exactly as possible.
Taeyang Custom will not take as much time as a porcelain ooak. Same for the cost of a "made to order" doll. slow....

Hi dollfriends!
Very slow step by step i am working on,why do I have to work simultaneously on several projects? >_>  (rhetorical meaning

ok here a picture of the customized little Samurai...better look his eyelids.
Actually working on a new customized taeyangdoll.
Planning for the Future to make Faceups and customizing Taeyangs on request....i will see.

This month I will focus on my OOAK BJD's. Have new inspiration for characters...



New Taeyang Custom & clothing

Hello my
Currently working on self-printed shirts for scale 1/6 and 1/4. Sewing jeans for Taeyangdolls, Souldoll Vito and my bebidolls OOAK's.
More  bebidolls OOAKs are in work. I continue working on the hands and arms for my 1/4 OOAK.
And a new Taeyang customdoll are work in progress.
For more news & pictures please follow me on Instagram^^. 


It came differently than thought.Weather: stormy!

Not the best conditions for "still life" Doll Photography :-)