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Aylen- the first picture

from my next doll. More coming soon!

Li Fang-finished!

Now Icanfinallypresentto youthelittle "Lifang". I made her from porcelain, and painted with china paints.
All accesoires handmade by me.  For the firsttime I've useda veryhigh qualityKanekalonwigby the company "Monique".

Again Final Fantasy VII

Hello Friends,
Right nowI'm lyingin bedwiththe fluandbecauseitcomesfrom boredomtoeverfunnyideas.
Whensurfingaround(fortunatelythat works tooin bed!) I've discoveredIDcardsof Wellthe nextcosplayisdeterminedand soI have aShinraIDcardmade.AnotherIDCardbyBirth by SleepTerraI plannedOh, yesI stillneeda Wayfinder...and much more.^__^
A comprehensiveinformationalsitefor FinalFantasyVIIis here.

Front and backside from my Fan made Sephi ID card.
*Namesandcharacterscopyrightedby Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura.