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first male prototype for testing the joints

Hello Friends,
I'm backwithmy testprototype.^__^
With themobility of the jointsI'm satisfied.
sothe poor guydoes not have tobe completelywithout a face, I gave himaquickpainted withacrylic paints.(looksaccordinglybad^ ^ ")
NowI willmakemyfirst maledollin high quality porcelain,
of coursepaintwith finechina paints. He will be aspecial, adventurouscharacter.
Thedesignfor the clothesI havein mind, the implementationwillnot easy.

Formy girlsI'm working ona new bodywith improvedhipandknee joints.
Since I'mcontinuing education forahalf a year, I will againhaven´tmuch time todoll making.