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Cooming soon

my first SD size Head. The last Steps before he is finished and ready for casting. I am still not sure if I cast him in porcelain and resin. I can do porcelain myself, I have to outsource Resin. For resin production, I will need at least 6-8 interested Buyer, so if you want a copy of him,feel free to contact me via the contact form.
Head circ. are 21cm, Wig size 8"-8,5" , Neck circ. 10,5cm. Eyes: 14mm big Iris or small Iris.
He will fit an 60-68cm doll size(incl. Head) with wider shoulders approx. 16cm-18cm. 

I tested my head on an Impldoll Body and an old Soom Gem. Soom Gem has too narrow shoulders and the neck looks too thin. The Impldoll Idol body is too big for the head, but I think he could fit very well on the Impldoll Vers. II. Star Body with wider shoulders.
Comparison photos on the two bodies will come later.

I started a poll for you. 
Would you rather have a complete doll made of porcelain or a single resin head that fits on a body of other companies? Which skin color …

SD Head

Prototype finished. He is ready for a production in Resin.
I'm not sure yet about the best skin color.
It should be a skin color that can be easily adapted to different body colors, so probably a kind of very light skin color. 
More information coming soon. 

Happy New Year 2018

Wow, time flies! 14 years bebidolls...I started in 2004 with small figures made of polymer clay.
I wish much health, peace and happiness for everyone!
At the end of the old year, I had started a head for an old and yellowed Resin body, sitting around headless. I still work on him.