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Hello again my Friends,
the first rowlockson the jacketisfinished. The other sideis still lacking, I'm still waiting for the"enlightenment" due tothecoatclosures....>.<

Further work onthe smallerpieces of armor...

Update Cosplay-Doll

Hello my Friends!
The beltfor my FanmadecosplayDollis ready.Shoes andbucklesfor the jacketstill missing.ShoesI havebegun but
currentlyI will at firstwork onthe completion of theporcelain pieces.The firstskin tonelooks to metoo peachy,I'm going to change.

Update Sephiroth Cosplay-Doll

Basecoat and trousersare finished.The next step isthe beltand boots.
Thearmor piecesthat arecoming onto thejacketa too big.I willmake smaller ones.

NowI have toworry aboutthebucklesmakethe biggest problem withthe whole project.In thissize, there isnothing,I'llhave todo it yourself...
I knownot currentlywhat material..>_<

Hello again!

In recentweeks, I havecontinued to work onmultiple projects.
Also onSephirothcostume,the armor isprimed andtheclothespattern for thecoatfinish.Some partsI've alreadyfired andapplied the skincolor. 
For myminiaturesscale workI will be openinga secondblog ...

Happy Ostara, Happy Easter