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The scariest moments

in doll making.....OMG   O_o attack of spiderfingers! XD
No,the most terriblemomentsin dollmaking areruinedheads,brokenfingers,crackedbreastplates...T_T...

Revise and fine tuning...the doll face

Revised doll head, today the ears, nose and eyes again.

Face without eyes

trotz Migräneanfall ein bisschen Feinarbeit...
Despitemigraine attacka littlefine-tuning...

Next step...Work in progress

Workin on the Head and feet...I fightto eliminateasymmetrical facialfeatures...

Work in Progress

Ich bin nicht wirklich kein Freund von Wip-Fotos, meist vergesse ich welche zu machen und unfertige Werke sehen generell gruselig aus...aber trotzdem hier mal Phase 2 von einem neuen Kopf.
I'm not reallya friend ofWipphotos,usuallyI forgetwhichto doandunfinishedworksgenerally lookscreepy... butanywayhere oncePhase 2ofahead.

The Artist´s brood...and wip.

I spent a lot of time in the past days with photography and cyanotypie ... some dollparts still swim, but soon they are ready to polish...already I am brooding over the face painting and costuming waiting and looking for inspirations...
For a long timeI havemodelednothing,soI havenowstarteda newhead,just forfun...he looks still