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French Bru

Hi my Dollfriends,
I saygoodbyetofacebookand hello toblogger!
I want tore-blog, Facebookis nice,but I disagree the new terms of use.
I willpostupdatesin the futurealways here andmerely linkon FB.

Perhapswondersofone or the otherabout the photosofBrudolls.No I'm notbecomeantiquereproducers;-).
But ... Ilove thisBruMold.I do notimaginethese littledollsagoafter strictreproductionedition.Myrespect forallantiquereproartists,but the type ofpainting thestricteyebrowsandeyelashesunnaturallystraightisnot my thing.(Either way,difficultto reproduce exactlyas with theolddolls). So I havetaken the libertyto introducemy own style.
FoundI have, however, that theplaster moldis very poor,with thickseemlines.
Themy owndollmolds aremuch more preciseand better.Ihad justthoughtin commercialMoldsqualitywould be muchbetter ....Well,have learned something new.
But do not worry, of course I make my ownball jointdollson,that'sfinallymy"children", as my heart and soul's inside.

A new projectI'…

2014 Anniversary

2014was actuallyan anniversary year!
10 yearsBebidolls!!!
In 2004 Ibeganseriouslyto makedolls.
Howtime flies!

Iwish you alla Merry Christmasand a Happy NewYear!

Kei - male BJD

Hello my friends,
HereIwant to introducemymalebjd: Kei
I willnot sell himbecause ithas someminor blemishesin thepaint. He is just for me ^___^.
Inevermaketwo identicaldolls withclothes andpainting.Keiis aVarioseries.Each dollis unique.
Later, I willdemonstratehis jointsin avideo.Hehas doublekneeand elbowjoints.

Next,I workat his"brother". 

Take a look on my website for more pictures of Kei. Thank you for stopping by!!

New Doll hat on ebay

Sefira and an new doll hat on ebay now:
Doll hat with flowers

Thanks for stopping by! <3 br="">

universe on Animaco 2014


A new doll dress or a new doll?

Hi friends,
See howyou canchange the look ofa doll!
Sefira with a new dress, wig and hat. The hat I made completely. Making doll hats makes a lot of fun!

Doll News

Hello there,
sorry for the long time delay...
A few news about my male doll...

I´m on Facebook now

Bad luck, broken parts & "spots" problems

Hi my friends,
TheworkmoldsformymaleBJD're done. The firstcastingandbiscuit firingwent smoothly. Becauseusually when thefinalovercastingof the parts, especiallythehands, whichalwaysgoes tobreak, I've firedalreadymoreparts. Unfortunately, alower legandtwohands arelost, bad luck. >_< I hopeall goes wellat thefinal firing...

SinceI have someolderSeeleyPorcelain slip, itcame out on topto "spots"on the faces. Smallinclusionsofporcelainlumps.Thesearealreadyclearly visiblein thebisque firing.
This time I haveto filtertheporcelainslip2 times: 1xthrough a clothandthenthrough a strainer.The"spots"problem seemsthereby tobefixed.But Iawait with interestfromthefinal firing.

Die Arbeitsformen für meine männliche BJD sind fertig. Der erste Guss und Schrühbrand verlief reibungslos. Da meist beim endgültigen Versäubern der Teile ,insbesondere der Hände, immer was zu Bruch geht, habe ich schon mehr Teile gebrannt. Leider sind ein Unterschenkel und zwei Hände verloren, Pec…

A beautiful surprise in Berlin for me

Hi Friends,
the last week I was in my old hometown Berlin without any idea what to do, just for see and relax.
When Itheroadswander throughI sawan advertising signfor the54thGerman-AmericanVolksfest. Ok, Ithought, that'sbe great. Said and done, the next day Iwent there andwhat to expectfora great surprisethere!!A very famousAmerican Nativemusicbandwith a greatshow,Clan /destine.
Incredibly, ifsomeone told me17 years agothat I "Crazy Horse" (which was the first songI had heardofthis band in 1997) Clan/destinewould seeoncelive, I would not have believedit. 

I haveonce againlearned something: Sometimes you have to waitlong, but life alwayskeepspositive surpriseswhen youleast expect it.
It gives mehope againforsomething positivein my life.

Unfortunately,not evenhada decentcameratakenalong on the trip, somy phonehadanylasting, beautiful memorieshold.
In this way: thank you, Clan/destine, for the great music, lyrics, positive energy and wonderful show!

Ready for Molds

nachdem ich sehr lange gebraucht habe, meine erste männliche Ball jointed doll fertig zu stellen, ist der Kerl endlich soweit in "Form gegossen" zu werden.
Heisst jetzt gehts an die Herstellung der Arbeitsform.
Und dann....tadaaaahhh kann ich endlich mal die fertige Doll in Händen halten. Langsam glaube ich fast selber nicht mehr daran...
Aber was lange währt soll bekanntlich auch wirklich gut werden...;-)

after Itook me very longto make my first male balljointed dollfinished, the guyhas tobefinally"cast in mold".
Does this meannow he goto theproduction of theworkform.
Andthen ....tadaaaahhh,I canfinallyholdthe finisheddollin myhands.
But whatendureslongisalso known tobereallygood...

My past works between 2004-2010

Meine frühen Werke habe ich nicht mit auf meine neue Webseite genommen, darum veröffentliche ich sie hier im Blog.
Diese Figuren und Puppen sind aus Paperclay und PolymerClay (Fimo) modelliert, nicht aus Porzellan.
Mypreviousworks have Inot takenwithmy newwebsite, so I publishithere on the blog.
This figures and dolls are made from paperclay and polymer clay, not from porcelain. 

My new website is on

My new website is online now! Thank you Val!!
Meine neue Webseite ist online, Vielen Dank Val!!

death always comes unexpectedly

Hello my friends,
thedeathis part oflife, healways comesunexpectedlyand leavesan emptinessand sadness.Death isfinal.No more questionsand no more answers.
Death do notpasswithout a trace to thefamily.Hechangedone, itteaches us toaccept him, tolerate himandpostponenothing.He shows ushow shortour time is andwe need touse themsensibly andwithjoy.The dead transformsourview of thingsand life.
Daddy, I miss you so much!