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annoying symetry-sephiroth wip pt3

hi, im back with my sephiroth head...
okay, my interest is to model a Sephiroth, as he might look as a real, live person.

The problem is the symmetry, computer-animated models are symmetrical hand modeled, not ^ ^.
onesidelooksgood,nowI am aligntheother, atleast Itry.^^

Approach- the Character

Hi friends,

2 weeks ago I accepted the challenge: to model my favorite game Chara: Sephiroth(okay, besides those of Organiation XIII, hehehe)

After several transformations(Seymour Guado attending .. lol) and new characters was more specific, I'm getting his face expression.I approach the character.his expression is very characteristic and not so easy to sculpt for me. I have never before sculpt portraits...

original character by tetsuya nomura @ square enix