This blog is closed indefinitely.Due to the new EU "data protection regulation".And for lack of time. TTvTT. Maybe in the distant future I will revive the blog, but until then: Thanks for reading and please follow me on Instagram.
Instagram is easier and faster to update, i posted plenty of new things in the meantime.
Thank you!

Work in progress, new Body and Heads

Please excuse the longer break, but I do not update the blog so often due to time constraints. If you want to follow my current work progress.
The new EU data protection regulation makes it very difficult in the EU to even operate websites or blogs at all. 

On Vero now

Hi Friends,
endlich habe ich es doch gewagt und bin jetzt auf Vero angemeldet, nachdem ich die neuen "Datenschutzrichtlinien" von Instagram (Facebook) nicht akzeptieren kann. Von Datenschutz keine Rede, hier wird massiv geschnüffelt und spioniert. Daher poste ich keine Bilder bei Facebook. Bei Instagram würde das keinen Sinn machen, da es eine Plattform für Fotos ist. Vero ist bisher in der beta version, läuft aber auf meinem Phone bisher stabil. Je mehr sich für Vero entscheiden, desto lebendiger und vielseitiger wird die Platform und bisher vor allem werbefrei. Ich werde demnächst hauptsächlich durch Vero posten.

I finally dared to do it and am now logged in to Vero after I can not accept the new "Privacy Policy" from Instagram (Facebook).
From data protection no speech, here massively snooped and spies.
Therefore, I post no pictures on Facebook. At Instagram, that would not make sense, since it is a platform for photos.
Vero is currently in the beta version,…

Slow motion

progress with my projects.

Surprises and more

Hi dollfriends,
almost impossible to actually cast a bubble free head without vacuum in Resin. The reason why I do not like Resin is that plastic often shows strange reactions. Such things never happen with porcelain. The only reasonably cast head has got a strangely sticky spot on its forehead ... ruined. I try to pour a new one. What a waste of material. 
Two porcelain boys are currently in work. And a new 1/3 head. If it is poured into porcelain, it is estimated 1/4 scale..XD

First Resin cast

but far away from perfect because of airbubbles....I will use the heads to create a mold for porcelain, without worry that I ruin the original ^ ^.

Cooming soon

my first SD size Head. The last Steps before he is finished and ready for casting. I am still not sure if I cast him in porcelain and resin. I can do porcelain myself, I have to outsource Resin. For resin production, I will need at least 6-8 interested Buyer, so if you want a copy of him,feel free to contact me via the contact form.
Head circ. are 21cm, Wig size 8"-8,5" , Neck circ. 10,5cm. Eyes: 14mm big Iris or small Iris.
He will fit an 60-68cm doll size(incl. Head) with wider shoulders approx. 16cm-18cm. 

I tested my head on an Impldoll Body and an old Soom Gem. Soom Gem has too narrow shoulders and the neck looks too thin. The Impldoll Idol body is too big for the head, but I think he could fit very well on the Impldoll Vers. II. Star Body with wider shoulders.
Comparison photos on the two bodies will come later.

I started a poll for you. 
Would you rather have a complete doll made of porcelain or a single resin head that fits on a body of other companies? Which skin color …