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Update-Wigmaking for fanmade FF VII Sephiroth

Hello dollfriends,
after a few triesforaWigcapI havetodaythebasewigready.
It's really difficulttoget exactlythesilver-gray color. LuckilyI hada wigofa largerdollleft, which I haveusedthe hair. It's reallygood hair(I think the dollwigwasfromIplehouse/Korea) and has a nicecolor. Now I needitjuststylingsomething....Thehairisthenup tothe knees, but Ido not want tocut, Ithink it's greatas long. ^___^
I continue to workto the doll,theporcelainparts are readyfor the 2ndfireof skin color.

Today I had abad -health day ...thereforeit isslow progress... sigh.

Update-boots for sephiroth

Hello my dollfriends, a happy holliday weekend (i´ts pentecost here).
The boots arealmost done...
NowI'm planningthewig. then I canfinallyfocusedonthefinishof thedoll.

Currentlythere isa lot to doin the garden....everything bloomsandgrows.
I lovethis time of yearreallyvery,
justdo not myallergy.
Therefore,I amoften "out of action"andsomedaysgoeswithoutantihistaminenothing...T_T

Update "buckles" for Sephiroth´s coat...

Hello my doll friends,
I havestarteda new attemptforthecoatclosures, this time withwood.I'm notquite happyagain.The edges areindeedsharper andsmootherthe surface...but...

Ok.Inowmakethe boots, whichresurfacedthe"buckle-problem"on...

UnfortunatelyI do not ownworkshopwiththe necessary equipmentformetal/woodprocessing.-.-
I did itwith sandpaperandplywood,whileI havethe samewithmy fingernailsrasped,thepartsare so tiny...XD

The buckles-Update

Hello my friends,
Itorture myselfstillwiththebucklesonthejacket.>_<
I'm notsatisfied yet,but I'lluse themonce,until I founda better solution.