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New pictures in my Gallery!

Morpheus Moonshadow by Bebi 2016

I now also offer sewing jobs. If you want a kimono or a Yukata, Haori for your MALE doll, just send me a mail.
Cotton fabric and pure silk is possible, the size MSD ,SD 60cm, Fashion 50cm(Iplehouse FID) and 70cm BJD is possible. Please contact me by e-mail for further info. Currently I have the measurements for 60cm male Soom Bodys and Chicline Boys.

Kimono Silk long half closed sleeve

Brocade Haori long with long open sleeve
Yukata with long half closed sleeve for chicline
Yukata for Chicline Boy with long sleeve
Violet silk Kimono 3/4 sleeve, half closed. Silver silk long Haori open long sleeve.


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